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I would like to bring to your attention an incident which calls for the maintenance tech of our building to receive special mention and praise. Our managing partner arrived at the office to discover ALL elevators were down and initially he could not gain access to the stairwell to get to our office on the 12th floor. After his initial call to me, our managing partner found an entrance to the stairwell and climbed 11 floors only to discover the door leading into our office on 12 was locked. I had to log into my work PC to find the emergency after-hours number for Colliers maintenance and called immediately. Within 10 minutes, our tech called me to let me know he received the work order and I explained that our managing partner was trapped in the stairwell. He arrived at our office and assisted our team in gaining access to our office.

I found out that he was not on call; however, at no point in any communication with he did he ever say that or hesitate to disrupt his weekend to assist with our needs. Our tech has always been professional, polite, and does what needs to be done to keep the tenants happy. He is a true asset to this building and it gives me great peace to know I can count on him!

- Crabbe Brown James LLP

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